Fusion Formal & Classic Ethnic Attire

About Us

Specializing in Fusion Couture


Heidee’s Formals is a US based boutique fashion design firm that specializes in fusion couture, combining ethnic clothing from Asia with contemporary American styles. Our flagship brand is Zamora. 

The overall mission of the Zamora brand is to offer unique and exquisite fusion products that are designed to exacting standards, resulting in high end designer formalwear at mainstream price points. 

As an example, the Barong Filipino and baro’t sya is an integral part of Filipino culture. Heidee’s Formals reinvents the original design so that it has a place in modern society for even the most discerning customer to enjoy, offered exclusively under the Zamora brand. 

The Zamora logo draws inspiration from the name rendered in ancient Baybayin text, a Filipino writing system that was in use before the Philippines was colonized. This script, combined with elegant serif text, reflects the harmony between Filipino and American culture that exists today.

How it all started


In 2014 Heidee Zamora started a small clothing rental store in Orange Park, Florida, driven by a desire to provide a low cost alternative to buying expensive formal wear. The concept took shape, providing authentic Filipino clothing for both men and women.

Based on customer feedback, Heidee then began to create custom designed wedding gowns and other formal apparel to cater to mainstream tastes. Heidee's latent creative talents emerged in the form of new formal designs that were not seen in the marketplace to date. 

Inspired by faith in God and the needs of our customers, Heidee's Formals was established in 2017 with a unique approach to personalized formal clothing. A brand new design studio was set up in Jacksonville, Florida to cater to the needs of the most discerning customers. We help you to create your own design, and we make all of the changes to bring your  dream dresses to reality! We are now equipped to cater to all ethnic tastes and cultures.

Call us for an appointment to serve your specific requirements. Whatever your clothing needs are, we can assure you that you will be pleased with the product, since it will be uniquely designed by you...with a little help from our creative design team!