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Our alteration Services

Where alterations are made and intricate clothing designs become reality.

At Heidee's Formals, we offer excellent customer service and quality work at a very reasonable price. We offer alterations, custom design, restyling wedding dresses and sewing courses. Our mission is to make sure that our customers are always pressed to impress. Our attention to detail and our superb customer service are what keep customers returning.

We are dedicated to working with you throughout the process, from the first sketch to the final fitting and enhancement of your new designer wedding dress. Each creation is individually crafted with precision measurements to attain a perfect fit.


The rate for the first consultation (for one hour) is $25. Thereafter each design hour is $35

All fittings are included in the same hourly rate.  When estimating the cost of the garment to be made, we carefully evaluate the style, details, and type of fabrics to be used in the garment.  

All materials are additional cost and vary in price depending on your personal preference. If you would like to receive a price quote prior to the first consultation, please send an image of the desired garment to info@heideesformals.com